I am running away from reality, as fast as i could.
and trying not to look back, so as to prevent my eye from tearing.
Friday, October 22, 2010

hello... blog dying le
year gonna end le
2e1 gonna disperse to diff class le
it have alot of happy and unhappy memories in that one classroom
eg. gossiping , sac tapping and playing wif deo
racisting each other esp. TURBAN
playing each other parents name
joking tgt... haha
wonder next year how ???
exam result was ok la...
nt too gd or bad
monday gonna have badminton trial for sch team
tt friendly match wif bowen and punggol sec
ppl going japan tmr le
hav fun (:
shannon coming bak to sg le 30dec
midget birthday
haha (:
woder wat the last day of sch will be like ? cry ?
o level start le
jiayous to darien and bro
thats all ppl :D bb

Friday, October 8, 2010

did not post these few days...
i tio sore throat le and cough
fever gonna come next...
im waiting...
these few days veri fun everytime out wif jiaying and wei zuo...
l8tr have tuition but going meet jiaying and weizuo first
exam this week...
okok la...
mood nw suck... dunnoe whhy... bb

Sunday, October 3, 2010

Bak to post...
These few days I fall in love wif fighting le
Haha dunnoe why
Zhenwei come find me cuz dunnoe which idiot go anyhow spread
I kiss carine
Wait till I noe who ! He/she will die
Tuition ystd and fri
Ystd math tuition was fun
Tok wif amanda a lot cuz the topic is abt casey as she is
Same sch as her
So hyper lor...
Eng on fri
More hyper
Nvr study at all
Tok to teacher a lot
Jus complete history... Moving on to lit le
Can't wait for exam to be over
Than will full time max tune le
And movie wif frenz :D
That's all lor bb

Saturday, September 25, 2010

Bak to post le
Today morning woke up first thing is sms her :D
Than change le go hg mall de mac find jenwei
For breakfast
Idiot !!! Make me sit there wait for 30min
Than eat finish le
Come hme than do some work
Go ahma hse for lunch
Than go hub for tuition
I found that person who stole my card le
I so pro !!!
Than during tuition sms wif her and chloe
Woo forst time
Yf & chloe told me so many things (: haha
During tuition she keep on staring at me agn
Wtf !!! LOL
Gtg bb

Friday, September 24, 2010

Tagg more pls (:

Bak to post...
Mood : super duper ultra gd !!! Muahaha
Guess I'm in love agn le
So start frm ystd...
After sch go her hse (: play wif her frenz cards
And they say wan do hw but nvr do !!! I'm the only second two
Smth happen...
Only chloe noe (:
Today :
Sch usual
Chi - sci - eng - drama - math
Chi okok
Sci do test...
I jus love the girlguides hand sign
Wif the middle finger de !!! Muahaha
Eng slack as usual
Drama mr lee come disiao de
So I tok bak lor
Yf , sockhong , ryan and ashoke
There laugh like shit
Than math tok agn lor
Make yf angry... Sorry
After sch
MY pig , benjamin and jenwei
Come my hse
Smth happen !!! Jenwei shhhhhhhh...
Than go movie after that
Ghost movie
Nice (:
Than go koi cafe
Than mac to slack
Than go hme wif jenwei
Than l8tr going voluntary work... Bb

Tuesday, September 21, 2010

HELLLLLLLLO. Ngyufeng is here to blog for Kjiahui cos he cannot use the computer, AHAHAHA. TAYLOR KJH NO LINK. KEEP SAYING ME SHORT. He damn irritating cos he got problem with us meeting at 7 cos he claims that is it tooo early for himmmm. HE IS AN IDIOT :B Agrrreeeeeeeeee? He haven't hand in his paper bag and he dontknow where is it. MUAHAHAHAHAHA. IHOPEYOUCANTFINDIT. He is very guailan. And he says imma paikia, and he's a guai kia. Likea wtf. And he say he is very shuaiiii. Ngyufeng is awesome, and much more awesome than taylor ^^ Alright i've nothing t blog about him so bye!


Taylor Koh JiaHui 13+.
Currently in sgs 2E1'10,
Seen the world on 14th of Nov.
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